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Lab animal pathology



  • Necropsies including euthanasia

  • Macroscopic pathology to answer diagnostic and experimental questions

  • Histopathology to answer diagnostic and experimental questions

  • Immunohistochemistry including establishment of new marker protocols

  • Evaluation of histopathology and immunohistochemistry specimens

  • Phenotyping of genetically engineered animals

  • Consulting for the design of research studies

  • Microbiological analyses in collaboration with MicroBioS AG

Analysis request form

  • The submission form is available here

  • If you send living animals for examination, it is a mandatory to contact us in advance!




  • The results of diagnostic analyses will be communicated orally as soon as they are available (macropathology the same day, histopathology within 2-3 days, microbiological examinations within 5-10 days). A written report will be sent by e-mail upon case closure.

  • For submissions with experimental/research questions, you will receive a written report with fotos and/or graphs, interpretation and discussion of the results upon case closure. Depending on the extent of analyses, the evaluation can take 2 to 4 weeks.

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