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About Vetscope

Team of pathologists

Martina Dettwiler

Dr. med. vet. DECVP | FVH Pathologie


A passionate veterinary pathologist with a special expertise in dermatopathology and tumor pathology from over 10 years in private veterinary practice, private diagnostic laboratory and university

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Vetscope Pathologie strives for a correct and meaningful diagnosis, comment and prognosis in each analysis report. This can only be achieved by a careful analysis of the sample material and by consideration of the individual clinical history. Good pathology is team work. Thus, Vetscope Pathology is pleased to receive a detailed anamnesis, clinical photos and results of imaging and blood analyses, as this significantly improves the quality of the interpretation and the diagnosis. Vetscope Pathologie is also glad to call you to discuss unclear cases.

Vetscope Pathologie focusses on a correct tumor classification and grading according to the latest WHO classification, as well as on the evaluation of the excision margins. If applicable, Vetscope Pathologie recommends you supplementary immunohistochemistry analyses for a more precise diagnosis and prognosis prediction.

Vetscope Pathologie is connected to the Institute of Animal Pathology of the University of Bern and other private labs, and will discuss challenging cases with allocated pathologists. Due to this professional exchange, continuous education and the availability of scientific literature, Vetscope Pathologie ensures a state-of-the-art pathological analysis and diagnosis.

Besides, Vetscope Pathologie attaches great importance on sustainability and the sensitive use of ressources. Thus, Vetscope Pathologie favours the use recycled and reusable materials, and cares for an economical use and a correct disposal of chemicals and other ressources. Out of this philosophy, Vetscope Pathologie does only offer a local bike courier service, but not a courier operating throughout Switzerland. Instead, the climate compensated shipping service of the Schweizerische Post is supported.

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Sohvi Blatter



A passionate anatomic veterinary pathologist with an extraordinary expertise in tumor pathology and molecular pathology

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