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In general


  • Vetscope Pathologie aims for a climate-friendly logistics and thus recommends shipping your samples by the Swiss postal service

  • Prepaid shipping envelopes can be ordered here

  • Please take care of a safe sample shipping: pack your samples break- and leakage-proof and label your goods correctly as «tiermedizinisch freigestellte Probe» (information in German)

  • Check again before shipping that all samples are labelled adequately and that the request form contains all necessary information. A good clinical history is a major prerequisite for a pertinent pathological analysis

  • Please don't hesitate to contact Vetscope Pathology if you might have any question



  • Formalin vapours may harm cytology smears. Therefore send cytology and histopathology samples in different envelopes/parcels. They may be sent within the same envelope if airtight packaging of both is achieved


  • Particularly with warm temperatures, the carcasses should be cooled on transportation. Vetscope Pathologie recommends the use of styrofoam boxes, also in terms of leakage safety, equipped with cooling elements

Address for sample submission (Swiss clients)

Vetscope Pathologie Dettwiler

Lörracherstrasse 50


4125 Riehen 1

(Parcels without «Postfach»)



For international clients

The cross-border submission of samples may be prolongated, and customs charges may be imposed if samples are not declared properly. To facilitate the submission and to shorten the transport time of international samples, Vetscope Pathologie offers to clients located in the European Union a postal office box in Germany. The P.O. box adress can be requested via or +41 79 811 21 21 .

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