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Second opinions

What's necessary for a meaningful second opinion?

Vetscope Pathologie prefers for second opinions the paraffin blocks together with the original histopathological specimens, in order to be able to prepare own histopathological specimens and to potentially perform special stains or immunohistochemical specimens. If the paraffin blocks are not available, the second opinion may also be performed on the original histopathological specimens, but may be less meaningful. In addition, a complete clinical history and clinical pictures significantly increase the diagnostic value of the second opinion.

Please prompt the submission of the paraffin blocks and the original histopathological specimens from the lab performing the first evaluation to Vetscope Pathologie, and in parallel send a completed analysis request form to Vetscope Pathologie. The lab performing the first evaluation will receive back the paraffin blocks, the original histopthological specimens and a written report after the second opinion by Vetscope Pathologie.

In return, Vetscope Patholgy of course makes its own archived material also available for second opinions by other pathologists/labs. Please, direct your request to, and indicate the Vetscope Pathologie case number and the adress of the lab, where the archival material has to be submitted to, in order to expedite the material transfer.

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